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Evolutionary Conserved Regions (ECRs) from whole-genome ECR Browser alignments.
Update (3/29/2008): We have recently modified ECR Browser alignments by including repetitive elements. All listed ECRs correspond to new ECR Browser alignments. Additionally, we annotated individual ECRs according to their relationship to RefSeq genes and repetitive elements (see annotation description at the bottom of the page).

Standard ECRs :: at least 100bps/70% identity
Base genomeSecondary genomeNumber of ECRsDateSizeFile

Core ECRs :: at least 350bps/77% identity
Base genomeSecondary genomeNumber of ECRsDateSizeFile

File format: <location1> <length1> <annotation> <percentIdentity> <location2>
Annotation format: Comma-separated list of region lengths and types within an ECR. Listed regions start at the first ECR position and completely span the ECR. These are non-overlapping regions. Type abbreviations: cds - coding, int - intronic, utr - UTR, rep - repeat, non - intergenic noncoding region.

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